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80 Spring Street, Toowoomba, QLD

Open Sat to Wed, 10am to 5pm

07 4636 6400

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Toowoomba Display Homes​

A thriving Queensland regional centre, Toowoomba is a short drive from the bustling lifestyle of Brisbane, with none of the smog and congestion. A true natural wonder, Toowoomba and the Darling Downs transfixes thousands of visitors with its organic beauty, rich colonial history, national parks and lush landscapes. No longer a road trip stop-gap, Toowoomba is beginning to gain momentum, as populations swell and unspoiled land attracts savvy home builders; and Coral Homes leads the surge.

Step into a spacious, affordable luxury home and be inspired by the master craft of a home built by Coral Homes; each display home has multiple configurations and flexible options to suit your family, as they grow and change. Immerse yourself in the grace and elegance of surrounding bushland and add your own story to the living narrative. Our display homes are only skim the surface - dip your toes into a sea of possibility.