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Minimalist living in 2020

Exaggerated consumerism is out and connecting with your surrounds has never been more on trend! Clutter can easily lead to feelings of stress, so a great remedy is to revel in a minimalist lifestyle.

Start with a clean out. If you’re struggling, don’t stress! You don’t have to significantly reduce your belongings to live a minimalist lifestyle. A common misconception is that you need to live off the essentials to enjoy the freedom that comes with minimalist living. An excellent short cut is to develop adequate and clever storage solutions to pack away your belongings. This will give the illusion of minimalist living and will train you to adapt to living without your occasional use items in plain site. You may find over time the need to have these items around decreases, and you’ll feel more comfortable eventually downsizing. With everything packed away neatly, you’ll have room to enjoy clear counters and open free flowing space.

Quality over quantity has never been more relevant when it comes to minimalist living. Invest in good quality furniture that make their own statement. Pieces that do this won’t need extra styling or soft furnishing to dress them up. They’ll tell a story on their own and create a space that is understated yet sophisticated. Every item out on display should also serve a purpose. Ask yourself, is this functional or decorative? If it’s decorative, pack it away and enjoy the calmness of uncluttered surrounds. You don’t need to get too carried away here. If the space needs a good piece of art to contribute to the calmness of the room, keep it on the wall and take in the conceptual contribution it offers to the area. Likewise, if a plant is something you feel is important for your air quality, keep a touch of greenery – just don’t go overboard.

Consider your lighting… Warm up your home with some pendant lighting that offer valuable lighting to the area. Ensure the lighting is purposeful and fills an area that is dimly lit or needs a little something extra to fill the space. Again, you don’t want to go too overboard with your pendants – less is more! Another great way to fill a space with something practical is by introducing an architectural feature. A raked ceiling will create clean lines and a tailored look for your open plan living area, as well as opening up the space and creating more air flow. Checkout our Noosaville 25 on display at Arise Rochedale for inspiration.

If you have any questions about styling for a minimalist lifestyle, ask our design experts at your selection appointment.

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