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Things to buy when you move into your new home


What to put on the list?

Handover is fast approaching and getting the keys to your dream home is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about how you are going to get settled in, but where to start? Begin by planning out where your furniture is going to go. Use your home inspiration (mood boards/Pinterest) to get an idea of the style of furniture you like and start window shopping. You’ve already got your floor plans, so why not start mocking up what your spaces will look like once you’ve purchased everything you need. Then prioritise your items into categories (essential, non-essential, bits and pieces) and set achievable goals. We’ve put together a categorised list to help you get organised with moving house.

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Presumably, you already have a bed and bedding. If not – this should be your first purchase item. If the entire bedroom suite seems to steep right now, put these items on layby and come back for them later. Seating is also a priority. Your lounge for the main living area is a great place to start, but stools for your kitchen should also be a priority. Stools for the kitchen bench mean you’ll have somewhere to perch at mealtime until the dining set arrives. You can even set your laptop up at the kitchen bench for little admin tasks – until your home office is completed.

Storage solutions should be the next on your priority list. Once you’ve unpacked all of your items, you might find you are left with a couple of bags full of miscellaneous things that don’t have an allocated home. This could range from board games and books to art and sports supplies. Start thinking about what furniture you can integrate into your home that offer a practical storage solution for your miscellaneous items. Organising this as a priority means you can knock off the last of your unpacking. Plus, you’ll know exactly how much space you have left for your big-ticket items. The final priority item is curtains for the bedroom. You may not want to get them for the entire home all at once (unless privacy is an issue), but you’ll need to consider whether they all need to match and if they’re going to be custom made.


These are the finishing items for your home that should be prioritised slowly. Taking this approach means you can chip away at your overall style and take time to reflect on the look and feel you are aiming to create. Because you’ve already got your lounge sorted, this will set the tone for your open plan living area. Follow this up with a complimenting rug and other soft furnishing like cushions and throws. If you have more than one living area, repeat this step. Add your dining set next, followed by finishing off your bedroom and setting up the home office (if required). Finally, add your artwork, plants, vases, mirrors, lamps and window dressings. Again, there’s no urgency on these smaller items and they can be easily accumulated over a longer period of time to create a tailored look.

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Bits and pieces

These are the items that you won’t get too far without, depending on what you already own. They are; light blubs, coat hangers, kitchen utensils, appliances, cleaning products, towels and gardening tools. You’ll need to go through this list and determine how urgently you need them. For example, if you’re holding off on your landscaping for a few months, gardening tools may not be as important as a vacuum or a toaster.

Don’t forget to prioritise organising all your utilities and redirecting your mail as part of your move. If you have any questions about handover and what happens after you get the keys, contact us today.

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