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For many property owners, the thought of upgrading seems daunting. There’s (in most cases) more debt to take on, more home to maintain and more utilities to use – which of course means bigger bills. But if you are short on space then there’s no denying that an upgrade is imminent. That’s where we come in. If you haven’t already considered building, then this is the blog for you. You’ll likely find that building with us means you can afford the type of home you originally thought was out of reach. We offer a range of affordable home designs that are perfect for growing families. Save money on your build and reallocate those funds to living your upgraded lifestyle.

Our double storey home designs offer tremendous space and the flexibility to make minor modifications. For example, if you needed three living spaces, we could quite easily accommodate that. However, if you needed a second master and ensuite, some of our double storey plans offer the option to replace the downstairs living or study area into a guest suite. We also have a range of homes that include a butler’s pantry, a double garage, spacious bedrooms and a generous outdoor living area.

If you are looking to upsize your home, another alternative for you to consider is a knock down and rebuild. You might love the area you live in, just not your current home. In which case, we can work with you to find a home design that suits your existing land size and the lifestyle you are dreaming of – without having to uproot your whole family.

Whether your income has substantially increased since you initially got in the property market, or you are wanting to future proof your home, we have a solution for you. Contact us today to find out your options.

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