Client stories

"With decades of experience under their belt, we knew Coral Homes had the ability to deliver the quality of home we were after"

Many people dream of building their own home, with a house designed for their lifestyle and location, and we were lucky enough to do just that over the last 12 months with Coral Homes.

We found our block of land first and due to orientation, location and restrictions needed to not only find a floor plan that ticked all our boxes but a building company that could help us achieve our very particular vision.

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We worked closely with the Coral Homes team at every stage of our build, from altering blueprints, to questioning form and function, to design and colour schemes to deliver us a house that is very much a home that we love living in.

As first time builders, we very much knew what we wanted the end result to look and feel like, but we had very little knowledge of how we were actually going to get there, so Coral Homes walked us through the whole process with experience and expertise.

While we had an end vision, we enjoyed being able to actually walk through the Coral Homes display homes to get a better idea of room scale, finishes & fixtures and design, which helped us make decisions before the build even commenced. Did we really need 5 bedrooms or could we sacrifice a bedroom to make the remaining 4 larger? Could we reduce the size of the huge rumpus room to allow space for a very practical butlers pantry off the kitchen? Yes, and yes!

With decades of experience under their belt, we knew Coral Homes had the ability to deliver the quality of home we were after, and to make sure that all the necessary approvals were taken care of along the way, but what we are really grateful for is that every question we had about a possible change or process was met with a 'no problem' attitude or a brain storming session to reach a solution we were happy with. And the little tweaks to the original design we did make has certainly enhanced our lives as we feel we have created a house that truly represents us, the only problem is we don't ever want to leave!

I know that Coral Homes deals with excited home builders every day but we were so excited we could probably be considered 'too hands on' at times, and had to learn to trust the process. But, by being so involved and interested in every little detail allowed us to make quick decisions with the supervisors and in-house trades if something unexpected showed up. The fact that our opinion was not only considered but prioritised made us feel like this was truly our house and is the main reason that we would consider building again with Coral Homes in the future, but considering how happy we are with our completed home, I can't see us going anywhere for a very long time!'

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​​"A lot of people we spoke to – family, friends, work colleagues – they all recommended Coral Homes."

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What do you think of Coral Homes' designs?

"A lot of them suited us, but we really liked the Noosa, and ended up with that. It was good that we could easily change things on the layout to suit us – that was handy. It was good that you had options where you had… you could have the master bedroom with the other bedrooms or you could have the master bedroom separate to the other rooms, or you could have two living areas, one living area; so there was a lot of choices."

How would you describe Coral Homes' value for money?

"In terms of value for money, Coral Homes definitely has it… like I mentioned a lot of the inclusions and quality of finishes are there where we didn’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars extra to get what we wanted… they had a lot of specials on so we were actually able to upgrade our ceilings, upgrade our tapware at a really affordable price which was really impressive."

How did you find the MyChoice Selection Showroom?

"We were quite impressed with the process with the mychoice selection. We basically had a stylist help us find our colours that went well together, so you obviously weren’t picking a pink wall and a yellow carpet; she was able to help pick colours that complemented each other.

We went a couple of times on a Saturday, because you can go in then before actually selecting anything… then when we went to the booking they made it very easy; we walked in, they sat us down and asked us what we were after, the stylist walked around and picked some things out and made sure they all matched up nicely; yeah, they made the selection process really easy."

How did you find the building process?

"From start to finish it was very easy. We obviously had a friendly sales person who made that start process easy. And then we got the handover to the site manager who pretty much told us everything that we needed to know and was straight forward with anything that was going on during the build. And then the build felt like it went really quickly... more than what we expected it to be… 12 weeks went in no time!"

How was the quality of your finished home? 

"I’d rate it up there as like with the top builders …. I’m really impressed with the quality of the items that were included with the house."

Would you recommend Coral Homes?

"We’ve already recommended it; we’ve got a friend that signed the contract two weeks ago! Yeah, wed definitely recommend to any friend that’s building."

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"​​We’d built with Coral Homes before. Originally, we’d liked the designs compared to a lot of other builders – just had more of a family appeal to it.​"

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​Just the floor plans; they looked a lot better, like some time and effort had gone into designing them. They’re more liveable I think. What you would use day to day functionally, over some of the other builders that we might have looked at; the Coral ones just stood out to us.

What home design design did you choose?

We chose the Santorini – the Santorini 26. We just fell in love with it. When we walked through the display home it just had that look that we were after and the whole design, that nice big master room separate from the children’s area. The open floor plan out in the main kitchen area, it was very family focussed. We walked in and it felt like home and we could see the kids running around and we could just picture ourselves there.

How did you find the MyChoice Selection Showroom?

It was awesome. It makes it so much easier I think because you can actually see... everything you want to pick is just there. They’ve got all the fittings and things so you can see what it is going to look like, and the staff there are really helpful. If you tell them what you like they’ll give you options but they won’t try and push you into a certain colour scheme or a certain option. It was just really relaxed and really fun.

How was the quality of your finished home? 

We were very impress by it. You end up walking through it and you feel like you’re walking through a show house sort of thing… A lot of other homes that we’ve been in, the finished product isn’t necessarily the same as what you see in display homes; but we were really happy.

How would you describe Coral Homes' value for money? 

One of the best! Just price wise for what you can actually get with it… yeah… some of them, you go to some builders and their prices are just like through the roof for virtually the same sort of thing. Things that I would expect that we would have had to pay extra for were included in the price.

What do your friends say about your home? 

They love it! They’re slightly jealous I think. They’re really impressed. We’ve got a few friends that have said they’re looking around at building, and we’re like definitely go and have a look at Coral now. They love the floor plan; the way it all just kind of flows through; you walk in the front door and it all kind of opens up and feels really relaxing.

Would you recommend Coral Homes?

100% definitely! We’ve gone through you guys twice.

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​Louise and Anthony
Upper Kedron, QLD

I was a customer of Coral Homes who started building our beautiful home last year. Our home is complete and landscaping not too far away from being complete thanks to my talented husband. 

It has been a good experience building our home with Coral from picking our colours and watching it transform and waiting for the day we could move in. 

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​Our New Home Consultant was our first point of contact with Coral and he was a nice guy. We had lengthy conversations and a laugh in between. I also thought the ladies in the office were also lovely and found the time to answer all my questions and would always call me back so that to me made a good front line impression.

Over the 6 months building with Coral we also had a really good Building Supervisor. He was very direct and did not muck around. He got the job done, did it well and had it presentable. Even the cleaner and in house workers spoke highly of our Building Supervisor. Our site was always clean and most day to day things ran smoothly.

We then moved in and enjoyed the experience. I had the pleasure of meeting our Maintenance Officer, who was just a fab down to earth man and cared about what work I needed. He also gave me some good advice and time which is very rare. Thank you mate you just made it a great end to a wonderful experience building our home.

We really love our home and all the landscaping my husband has done looks amazing. Thank you again and we would recommend you as a builder to anyone who is looking to build.

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​Breanna and Glenn
Cameron Park, NSW

We built our home in 2014, which is the Daydream 30.

We finished our build on Christmas of 2014 and moved in the new year.

We love our home and could not fault the service and quality! Not once was anything a drama for the team.

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We have now been in the home almost three years and still love it! 

Thank you Coral Homes!


Breanna and Glenn.

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​Graham and Pauline
Bonogin, QLD

Coral team, you all made our building experience exceptional! 

You made it easy from signing the contract, to colour and electrical selection. Guiding us all the way to our finished home.

​And what a fantastic home it is. Your product is as great as the people who built it. We are totally delighted with the quality finish. ​

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Our Building Supervisor was alongside us and the build all the way. Keeping us informed and sorted any issues we had. Nothing was unsolvable.

We would like to thank you all 'Coral Team' for your collective effort and professionalism in helping us build our dream home. We sincerely meant that, from the bottom of our hearts.

Your great to deal with and we would recommend Coral Homes unconditionally. 

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​Aida and Tarik
Upper Coomera, QLD

Thank you Coral Homes for the most wonderful first building experience! 

The building process was absolutely flawless and stress free.

​We could not be happier with the build and experience with Coral.

Our Building Supervisor was so brilliant too. Very experienced and organised, with impeccable people skills! Thank you!

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We will certainly build with Coral again!

Thanks so much for everything!

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​Gursharanjit and Harpreet
Mango Hill, QLD

As first home buyers we are proud to have chosen Coral Homes. 

The process of building was made exciting and smooth. The standard inclusions itself were so luxurious.

​The interior designers were experts and excelled in giving us beautiful choices.

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Our New Home Consultant helped us get the best plan under our budget and our Building Supervisor kept us updated on everything and helped organise the process.​

We can't express our gratitude in words towards Coral Homes. Just want to thank you for the beautiful house we dreamt of. We love the outcome and will definitely suggest it to my friends and family.

Looking forward to build another house with Coral Homes.

Thank you very much!

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​Asha and Steven
Griffin, QLD

We had an amazing experience building our first home with Coral Homes, we absolutely love our new home! 

We would definitely recommend Coral Homes to anyone.

Thanks - Asha and Steven.

​Jade and Travis
Coomera, QLD

This was our second build and after doing a lot of research Coral Homes came out on top with the best inclusions. 

From the start our New Home Consultant was amazing! We felt comfortable with her and she understood our needs.

​During the build, we cannot speak highly enough of our Building Supervisor. He was fantastic! Great communication, we were lucky to have him.

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All in all I have recommended Coral Homes to many people who are looking at building, going off our experience​.

Thank you for helping us build our beautiful house!


Jade and Travis.

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​Jayden and Stacey
Bellbird Park, QLD

Our build with Coral Homes was brilliant! 

Our Building Supervisor made it an excellent experience. Nothing was too hard and everything went as per the program.

We are very happy with Coral Homes.

Thanks - Jayden and Stacey

​Shani and Ben
Bells Creek, QLD

Coral Homes made our dream become our reality and we are so grateful for what they have achieved with us!

We loved seeing our colour selection come together and now we love coming home to our brand new house each day.

Thank you Coral Homes.

​Christopher and Merilyn
Cameron Park, NSW

My wife and I have just had one of the most positive experiences of our lives and that is building​ with Coral Homes.

From the time of actual earthworks on my property to handing over the keys, your people have taken two days short of three months, how fantastic is that!

Every step and every person in your company are absolutely fantastic, I have not one negative in the whole process and I intend to tell as many people as possible how great your people are and your houses are the best.

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From​ the very first step in going to one of your display centres and meeting one of your sales consultants, who would have to be one of the nicest persons to deal with and part of the reason one chose a Coral Home because she went out of her way the very first time she met us to help select a home that would fit on our land, it was an absolute pleasure dealing with her.

The next stage is your head office staff, although not meeting them in person they were always pleasant and knew their job.

Then on to colour selection to select colours etc. One of the most pleasant and knowledgeable young ladies you would ever want to meet, very helpful in what could be a stressful stage of ones home.

One of the most important stages in the process is the building supervisor. We met our building supervisor on the day of the earthworks and knew from that day that things would run smoothly. He would have to be one of the best people you have in your company with every trades person we met having the utmost respect for him and they loved working for him.    

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Damien and Anna
Buttaba, NSW

We wish to express our happiness with our new Coral Home that was completed in September. We found Coral Homes to be an excellent company to deal with throughout the whole process of building.

A special mention must be made to our Building Supervisor. He was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He kept us well informed of all processes and stages throughout the construction of our home. He was at all times, honest, knowledgeable and completely professional.

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​We would not hesitate in building with Coral Homes again and highly recommended your company to a number of friends and relatives.  

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Tony and Kay
Nelson Bay, NSW

My family has just moved into our beautiful Coral Home at Nelson Bay. We would like to thank the staff at Coral Homes for all the hard work and support during the process. 

My husband, Tony and I had a dream to build a house with our son Grant, his wife Cindy and their three daughters, Mia, Ava and Isla, to provide a large home for all of us.

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This was an ideal solution for a family that fished together for a living and provided a way for us to help our son's family live in a house that would last them a lifetime.​​​​

Right from the start of the planning process we were thrilled to be assisted by the Coral Homes' sales consultants, at the Newcastle sales office. 

They were able to visualise our dream of a 5 bedroom home with a separate one bedroom living space attached, so our extended family could live together but be independent of each other. They allowed us to change the Cloncurry design significantly to fit our large corner block at Nelson Bay. The advice they gave us at the design and planning stage was invaluable. 

​​​The customer support provided by the customer service team was fantastic. We felt at ease to contact them over any concerns or queries we had during the process.

The building supervisor was brilliant in his organisation and support during the construction of our home.

We will not hesitate to recommend Coral Homes to anyone thinking of building a home. Everyone who has seen our Coral Home cannot believe the house was built for the price we paid. We believe the high standard of construction and value for money provided by Coral Homes is unmatched with other building firms.

Thank you for helping us achieve the dream we had for our family.

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​Ashlie and Shawn
Jimboomba, QLD

​I just wanted to say thank you to the entire team!

Our building supervisor is fantastic, no matter what we have asked he has always been able to answer our questions promptly and nothing has ever been too hard for him. 

He's an excellent supervisor and I think you'll find a lot of happy customers will come from his jobs. 

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All of your contractors have done a fantastic job on our house - our bricks and tiles are immaculate. Our painter and his wife were wonderful, we ran into them on site one Saturday and they were super friendly and have done a great job.

The chippy's are awesome too, they work so quickly.

There there was your sales consultant from the display house/sales, when we met him, he instantly made us feel comfortable. He, like our building supervisor, was available to answer our questions whenever we needed him. Even after the sale, he told us to contact him if we needed anything. He made sure we knew what we were getting and made our first building experience smooth.

When we met our building supervisor on site for the first time, he told us we wouldn't be in before Christmas. That was okay, we accepted that and were counting down to January. Then one night we get an email from our building supervisor - "Practical completion is the 3rd of December and you'll be in before Christmas". What a great Christmas present!

The colour selection appointment was so much fun, we had picked a lot of our stuff before going to the appointment but the showroom had so many other options. We spent $600 or thereabouts on upgrades because you had so many available inclusions! Other people we know have spent thousands with other companies to get what had included automatically.

Finally, I wanted to commend your company for under promising and over delivering because that is a great way to run a business! Lots of other companies do it the other way around and end up with disappointed and disgruntled customers. However, you now have two very happy customers on your hands!

Thanks again Coral Homes, when we build again, we will definitely be building with you guys!    

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​Adisa and Sefik
Boondall, QLD

This letter is to acknowledge our Building Supervisor's professional work attitude and commitment to quality workmanship​ whilst being a construction supervisor for two of the three homes that we have built with Coral Homes over the past five years.

Our Building Supervisor has shown a professional attitude on numerous occasions during the construction phase by not judging certain requests of ours but respecting them and working with us to achieve our desired outcome. 

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​Our Building Supervisor also demonstrated great flexibility around certain construction matters to allow us to achieve our goals.

I have found our Building Supervisor to be very reliable and making himself available at all times to listen and answer our phone calls. On the rare few occasions that he did not answer the phone call immediately he would ring us back within 10 minutes. When he was uncertain about a matter he would be honest about that and get back to us by finding out the correct information.

His organisation and planning skills have been exceptional during the last house construction clearly evident by him completing the house weeks earlier than the hand over date. The timely delivery of the products to the house as well as the careful timing of having the right crew on the work site at the same time ensured that the work could be carried out efficiently and smoothly.

Overall, our Building Supervisor's respectful, dedicated, reliable and caring work nature have allowed me to enjoy the house construction phases knowing the he is there to answer my concerns and knowing that he would try his best to resolve any issues promptly and professionally.

Due to my flexible work commitments, I was able to meet all the various work crews and enjoyed this greatly as I myself could tell them what I wanted and expected of them to clarify and issues.


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Michelle and Gary
Kensington Grove, QLD

​We would like to commend Coral Homes for our new home built at Kensington Grove. Your slogan 'Built on Trust' is very fitting.

The process that we experienced was well above our expectations. After a previous experience we had building with another builder we were apprehensive about building again. 

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However, we would recommend building with Coral Homes as we are very happy with the process we went through.

Right from the beginning when we first sat down with our sales consultant, to the final handover, our experience with all involved was wonderful.

​Our sales consultant helped us make the changes we wanted to suit our needs to accommodate Michelle being in an electric wheel chair. The input and suggestions helped to ensure we got the best value for money for the changes we wanted in the base design.

Our supervisor for the building of the house was very approachable and accommodating with our questions and nothing was a bother for him. The only regret we have is that we could not thank him personally on the day of the handover.

All the individual trades people were very friendly and accommodating, always sating hello and happy to answer any questions if we happened to be at the block at the same time for an onsite meeting.

The carpenter, plumber, painter, tiler, electrician all made our experience an enjoyable one. The all did something just a little bit extra to make our house what we wanted it to be.

A special mention to the carpenter and painter for their attention to detail and suggestions/assistance to ensure a great result.

We would be happy to relate our experience to others looking to build a home with Coral Homes. 

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Christopher and Phillipa
Rothbury, NSW​

​We have recently moved into our new home in Rothbury. My wife and I would like to thank Coral Homes for a quick and easy process. 

Our total build time was quick from start to finish and our supervisor had us in before Christmas, which is what we were aiming for.

Our whole experience with Coral Homes has been a positive one, from the time we started looking at your display homes where we dealt with your sales consultant, who has been a big help through the painful process of trying to get our house plans through a very restrictive Design Review Committee.

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We modified our house a fair bit to suit our needs which was never a problem for the sales consultant. This is also a credit to your house designs that enabled us to make changes so easily.

Once the building had commenced the speed that our house was built was amazing. My friend who lives up the road and could see my house would keep me updated and he couldn't believe how quickly the house went up. He built with another well known builder and his build time was another three months longer than ours! 

I never had any fears that our house wouldn't be finished on time with our building supervisor in charge. Coral is very lucky to have our Building Supervisor working for them as I found him very easy to work with, any questions I had were answered straight away in a way that I would understand. If I needed to see him, he was always willing to meet me on site. I found him to be such a professional supervisor, I have heard of horror stories where owners couldn't get in contact with their supervisor or worse. Our Building Supervisor always makes time for his clients. 

In conclusion I would like to thank Coral Homes for a totally calm, quick and stress free build. We are now living in our dream home and are so happy with the quality and value for money. If we build another home for investment purposes at a later date, Coral Homes will be the builder I choose. Your company has been professional in every department, from your sales person, head office to your tradies but especially our Building Supervisor, I hope he gets some recognition for the job he has done on our home. I have and will keep recommending Coral Homes to my friends..​

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​Kylie and Keenan
Gregory Hills, NSW

It is with great pleasure that I write this email to yourself in response to the exceptional customer service experience we had had with the Sydney sales office.

We approached your display homes earlier in the year and were immediately impressed with the quality of your builds, value for money and the approach taken by the sales staff. 

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Although we had already began the tender process with another builder, we were immediately drawn to the Marcoola display, and the sales consultant provided us an initial estimate a few days later.

​We made the decision there and then to stop the process with the other builder, and pursue the Coral design. Shortly after this, our sales consultant took over dealing with our build and it has been an absolute pleasure and ease dealing with them ever since. While we do not consider ourselves to be 'difficult' clients (I know there are many in the industry...) we did have a definite idea as to what we wanted in a house, and our sales consultant worked effortlessly to ensure everything was included in the design. 

When the initial tender was received, we were a little concerned at the cost of our site works (we have a sloping site). Our sales consultant offered us numerous options to try and reduce the cost of the tender, reconfiguring layouts, house positioning etc. Nothing was a hassle for her, and she was constantly looking for ways to allow us to 'have our cake and eat it too'.

During this period my husband and I flew up to QLD to have a look at the Marcoola 30 display (and others in QLD) to ensure we would be happy with our design. We loved the Marcoola and this cemented our decision, and talking with the Coral sales people up in QLD, again reaffirmed our confidence in the company. We did love the Daydream design, but when we discovered it wouldn't fit onto our block, we decided to stick to the Marcoola.

After playing around with the floor plan we eventually realised that in order to reduce the site works to an affordable level, we would have to start making too many compromises - which we were naturally hesitant to do. Our sales consultant picked up on our concern and offered us the Daydream 28 design. We were elated when we realised with a few small tweaks we could have the house of our dreams, on our block of land, and coming in within budget.

We have found our sales consultant to be reliable, efficient, trustworthy, very knowledgeable and most importantly passionate about helping us get it right. We signed the contracts last weekend and are now eagerly waiting for the build to begin. I am confident that we will continue to experience a high level of service as we progress through the process with Coral, and look forward to seeing our design come to life.

Our sales consultant is an asset to your company, and I am confident other clients would share the same belief. Thank you to our sales consultant and the rest of the Coral team for making what could be a potentially stressful process, easy, simple and suprisingly enjoyable. Can't wait for the slab to go down!

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West Wallsend, NSW

I would like to thank you all at Coral Homes for making my building experience such a pleasant experience.  

This was my first building experience and I went into this project with a little hesitation as I had heard many negative building experiences from other people (non Coral Homes projects).

Our building supervisor was always available and rang me throughout the project keeping me informed as to what was happening and preparing me for the 'next step'.  At no time did I feel that I was not apart of the building experience.

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I purchased my tiles and they were delivered on time (actually a couple of days early).  The service that I'd received while doing the tile selection was fantastic.  They had Kitchen and bathroom doors and finishes in the showroom so I was able to put them all together and see the whole kitchen and bathroom while I was only actually choosing the tiles.  What a great way to make colour selections!

The tradesman were all very accommodating - always contacting me in advance and offering advise (where necessary).

Finally my home project started with my Sales Consultant.  Our sales consultant spent time with me working out some minor design changes to my home.  She was able to offer practical advise as she has built several homes herself.  Thank you to the sales consultant - you are wonderful.

Once again, thank you all at Coral Homes.  I look forward to building another home with you in the future.  I have 'raved' about my building experience with you to all my friends and anyone that wants to listen.  My home is beautiful ... thank you, thank you, thank you.

I'm sure that I will be equally happy with the maintenance stage of the building experience. Our building supervisor is doing a fantastic job.​

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Phillip and Ruth​
Heddon Greta, NSW

I would like to congratulate you on the exceptional business you run. We have recently moved into our Coral Home and are of course delighted with it and have found the whole building experience to be just too easy!

Being first time builders it could have been a daunting experience but thanks ​to your friendly and helpful staff what fears we did have were soon laid to rest. 

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Our building supervisor was and still is only happy to answer any questions we had no matter how trivial we thought they were. Everything just flowed and left us little to be concerned about.

I would also like to mention the sales consultant from the display centre, who was so patient and helpful with us while we ummed and ahhed​ over what we wanted. As too was the young lady in the colour room. And I must also mention the Accounts Department who were always only too happy to help with any enquiry I may have had and extremely efficient.

I would not hesitate to recommend Coral Homes to anyone. Your team is committed to making the experience of building a home an enjoyable one and it is obvious that they believe in the product they sell and the company they work for.

Thank you again to all the staff involved in the process.

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Leanne and Darren​
Stanhope Gardens, NSW

My husband Darren and I are currently in the middle of building our home with Coral Homes and I would like to take the opportunity to tell you how happy we are so far with the whole experience.

From the very beginning in our dealing with the sales consultant at the display centre, right through to our current dealing with our building supervisor.

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We have been overwhelmed with how friendly, helpful and professional everyone has been. ​

​As a you couple wanting to build, we found it very hard for any company to take us seriously when looking for the right home to build. In our previous experience with another builder, we found every part of the process unnerving and complicated. We were left out of the loop at every stage and made to feel as though we were troubling them for any answer.

We have felt the opposite with Coral Homes. The Coral Homes' sales consultant was immediately accommodating and welcoming and offered his expertise in looking for the best house for our difficult block. Within days the sales consultant had gotten back to us with a few ideas on how best to build our house based on our very demanding building needs!

At every stage of the sales process, the sales consultant kept in contact with us and would often follow up queries for us before we even asked. We were extremely happy with the price and Brian made us feel more than comfortable when making the final decision.

As soon as construction started, we were directed to our building supervisor who immediately contacted us and was happy to explain the next stages in detail. I know that Darren speaks to our building supervisor numerous times in the week and always walks away from their conversations feeling confident. Our building supervisor has been patient and incredibly helpful in making sure the whole process is smooth and flawless.

We are ecstatic with the progress of our home and how fast everything is moving. As sales people ourselves, Darren and I are constantly talking about how happy we are with coral Homes with all of our clients and would not hesitate in recommending friends and family to build with Coral Homes.

I have not written this email for anything in return, rather just to thank all of the people involved in making this project such a pleasurable and exciting time for us.

Thanks so much.    

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Karen and John​
Pottsville, NSW

​I just wanted to say that my husband and I have had a great house building experience with Coral Homes.  We were very nervous about building as you hear some terrible stories about builders.

The sales consultant was an absolute gem with nothing being too much trouble for us first time builders.

Our building supervisor was excellent and how he remembers everything amazed us.  Once again nothing was too much trouble.

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​All the tradespeople were a pleasure and did a wonderful job. They never showed annoyance when we would drop by most days checking it all out.

The girls at the color choosing were so helpful and professional.

We would have no trouble in highly recommending Coral Homes to any friends or acquaintances and we would just like all involved to know how grateful we are for the beautiful home that was built for us.

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​Chris and Nichole
Fletcher, NSW

We moved into our Coral Home a few months ago now, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all at Coral Homes for your assistance during our build.

Everyone that we had contact with, including the sales consultant at the display centre, the ladies at the colour room, our customer service officer from head office and our building supervisor were an amazing help to us.

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And made the building process, which would normally be perceived as being a difficult and time consuming task a lot easier than expected.

​I also wanted to compliment the tradespeople involved in the build. There were a couple of occasions that we had to visit the site during the day and they were there and always found them to be polite and helpful and can't fault any of the work they have done.

We found that we had plenty of choice when it came to selecting materials and colours for our build, and loved how easy it was for us to make some minor adjustments to the plan to ensure that it suited us perfectly.

Once we had been in the house for 6 months, we were given the opportunity to raise any concerns or problems to be rectified. I am very impressed to admit that even though we searched through the house from top to bottom looking for something worth mentioning, we couldn't find anything at all that needed to be reported. I feel that shows exactly how high the standard of workmanship is.

We have all intentions of staying in our new home for many years to come, but we recommend you highly to anyone who will listen, and if at any point in the future we do decide to build again, Coral Homes will definitely be the first company we visit.

We originally found this design about 7 years ago, and no other house has even come close to being as perfect for us as this one is. So, thank you again everyone at Coral Homes for all of your assistance, professionalism and kindness before, during and after our build.  

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Rashida and Sajid
Gympie, QLD

Myself and my husband Sajid are clients of Coral Homes and have recently completed our project with Coral Homes.

We have enjoyed the whole journey from start to finish. As this was our first experience we were quite naive, but we feel lucky to be with Coral Homes who has a very efficient and experienced group of people recruited to help out the clients.​

Their valuable guidance was of enormous help to us at each and every step. 

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​We would like to thank everyone who contributed towards this project. They were always available whenever we wanted them. This motivated us to start our second project with Coral Homes.

Thank you very much once again. 

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​James and Carmen
Kellyville Ridge, NSW

​We are writing to you in relation to our home built by Coral Homes.

Can we just start by saying thank you for making our experience such a good one, and one that we will never forget due to the following reasons:

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1) The sales consultant from your Coffs Harbour display centre. Whilst my wife, daughter and I were on holidays the Coffs Harbour sales consultant had no dramas in researching if the home design we chose would in fact fit on the lot of land we had purchased. It was just all too hard with other builders. ​The scaling and photocopying of the layout onto our plans was not asked for by us but was done and insisted by the sales consultant and the lovely lady who was working beside him as well. Whilst all this was happening, our sales consultant was on the phone to another sales consultant in Sydney who was collating the info and confirming details of all of the above. This is service we just didn't think existed in the building industry, based on friends and colleagues who have built with other companies have explained.

2) The sales consultant from your Sydney display centre had such a non-arrogant, pleasant, helpful and all round genuine attitude towards us the moment we walked through the door and throughout the duration of our dealings with him. Believe us when we say, these are rare attributes to sales people. After many phone calls and emails from my wife and I, the sales consultant was always happy to discuss options and alternatives with regards to altering the shape of the house and many other requests on top of this as well. Nothing was ever an issue. These two people made it clear to my wife and I that we wanted a Coral Home. What can we say other than, Coral Homes is very lucky to have someone like them at the front line.

3) Our building supervisor. As if we didn't have enough good service already. Communication was excellent, we always knew where we stood with our building supervisor. Being able to communicate with him, sometimes as frequent as daily was one of the best parts about it all. Everything that he had said was going to happen, happened how he said it was going to happen. That sort of confidence in a building supervisor I can assure you down here hardly exists. I'll make reference to numerous owners in our new sub-division when they comment on how quickly, efficiently and professionally things happened on our lot. Talking to people such as the site cleaners and the Electrician that you contract, they also have commented to me about how much more professional Coral Homes are to most of your competitors.

4) The home design we chose!!! What a design. Whoever thought of this one is a genius, or just someone with 3 kids who they want to keep well away from the living and entertainment areas. My wife an I are very happy wiht the end result (as we are about to hand over tomorrow), the finishings, the workmanship and the whole process has been well managed by our building supervisor and well delivered by all of the people you contract to complete the work.

All of the people above speak highly of Coral Homes and we could tell with all of them that they are passionate about what they do and who they work for. This is what attracted us to Coral Homes and installed confidence in us straight away and along the way.

Carmen and I had also referred some clients to Coral through the Sydney sales consultant and they ended up building with you as well. I can also let you know that they share the exact same sentiments as we do, in relation to all aspects of the pre-construction and the construction phases.

We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone at Coral Homes but more importantly our building supervisor and sales consultant who have made this experience one for us to remember.

Look forward to dealing with you all again in the future.

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Konrad and Antoinette
Corrindi Beach, NSW

​My wife and I would like to thank Coral Homes for what can only be described as an effortless build.

We have both built a number of homes for our own use and for investments and we both agree that no other builder has come close to the level of service and communication of Coral Homes.

We were originally going to purchase a house and land package through another builder and after a number of items that were supposed to be included in the contract were not, and then a price increase for less product we decided not to proceed.

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We visited the Coral Display and the professionalism of your staff was fantastic. Nothing was ever too much trouble and everything was supplied to us prior to the date stated by the staff.

We started building with Coral and was keep informed of the progress of our house from the start to the end. There was a minor alteration required but it was discussed with us and then all alteration paperwork was sent to us in a timely manner, at no time did we feel like we were being taken for a ride.

My wife and I have recommended Coral Homes to friends, families and to fellow investors.

Thank you once again for making the building process what it should be, effortless and enjoyable. We recommend Coral Homes to anyone looking at building.​

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