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Why are school zones important?


Futureproof your home

When it comes to choosing land, you may want to consider what your future looks like before you fall in love with a suburb. If you have a family or plan on starting a family, you may want to consider what school zones are in the areas you are looking. We’ve put together a list below of important points on why you should consider school zones when selecting land and planning your dream home.

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Minimum required time for living in a school zone

Families must be living in the catchment area for a minimum of 12 months for children to qualify through zoning for a school. Depending on the school there could also be other requirements for meeting the admissions criteria. You can always contact the school to understand the admissions criteria before your land purchase to see what other requirements (if any) the school has.

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Buying land in a new estate

usually means you’ll have access to brand new amenities including schools that don’t have a wait list or strict catchment zone requirements. By supporting the infrastructure provided, your children will get to enjoy modern learning facilities and practices.

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Consider the same school zones as your nieces and nephews

Having some foresight into whether you want your children to attend the same school as your nieces and nephews has a number of benefits, including;

  • Your kids will know some familiar faces at school when they start
  • Your kids will have some support from their cousins when learning to get the bus or walk to/from school
  • You may be able to organise a carpool with your family
  • You may be able to organise/alternate after school care with your family

This may mean purchasing a home in an established area and doing a knock-down rebuild in order to be near family and build the home of your dreams.

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Increase the resell value of your home

Studies suggest if you build in a location that has a good school catchment area, this could add between 10%-15% to your selling price and is considered the equivalent to additional features such as an extra bedroom or pool.

If you’re planning a home build and thinking about where to buy land, keep in mind school zones to future proof your home. If you need some help, check out our house and land packages. Or if you have idea of an area you are interested in, but still have some more questions – contact us for help.

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