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New BASIX energy efficiency standards

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Building 7-star homes: What is BASIX and what are the upcoming changes?

To align with the NSW government’s 2050 net zero emissions target, there have been some improvements to the National Construction Code (NCC) that now require a higher Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) standard for your new home. In NSW, BASIX is a compulsory scheme to regulate the energy efficiency of residential buildings.

From 1st October 2023, the NCC requires new home builds to achieve a 7-star BASIX Certificate. The changes apply to all homes lodged to the after 1st October 2023. As a leading NSW home builder, Coral Homes will comply with the new and improved energy efficiency BASIX standards when building your new home. This will contribute to more energy and water efficient homes, that are more comfortable for homeowners and save costs on energy bills in the long run.

How do BASIX scores work?

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The NSW government sets targets that each household must meet to receive a BASIX certificate. Targets vary for each region. For example:

  1.  Energy efficiency: To reduce greenhouse gas emissions of households, BASIX have set energy targets for new builds.
  2. Thermal comfort and loads: BASIX measures how you can heat and cool your home efficiently, so it can be comfortable year-round.
  3. Water efficiency: BASIX water targets aim to reduce water consumption in your home and save on your water bill.

At Coral Homes, your BASIX rating will be assessed upon signing your contract. The final score will be confirmed once you have finalised your plans and signed off on colour and electrical selections, as these may contribute to your score.

How will this affect my new home?

From 1st October 2023, each of our NSW home designs will be modified to allow for these new BASIX requirements. This includes the floorplan, building materials and colours and selections used for your home.

Will the BASIX changes affect build costs?

The NSW government estimates that complying with the new BASIX rating will mean households can save up to $980 annually^ on energy bills. However, due to increased building supplies and design modifications required, we anticipate additional costs will be required to allow for the new, higher BASIX standards. Costs will vary based on your home design, build region and other factors such as proximity to neighbours. Speak to your Coral Homes New Home Consultant for more information on your specific new home requirements.

More BASIX information and resources

For further information on BASIX, visit the official NSW Government website.

Coral Homes’ New Home Consultants are available to answer any questions you may have regarding your new home journey. Get in touch today or visit a Coral Homes display for more.

*Please note, these recommendations are subject to change, as the final BASIX tool is yet to be released. BASIX changes apply for DA and CDC applications lodged after 1st October 2023.
^Calculations according to NSW Government Planning Portal Website.

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