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What is a House and Land package and how do they work?

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The ins and outs of house and land

If your goal is to buy a new home, but you like the idea of building your dream home from scratch, then a house and land package might be the perfect solution for you. In the following blog, you’ll learn what a house and land package is, how it works, what’s included at Coral Homes and most importantly, how it’s financed.

What is a house and land package?

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We understand finding a suitable block of land to fit your home can come with hurdles. That’s why Coral Homes brings you a match made in heaven – dedicated house and land packages. In a nutshell, we match a block of land from one of our renowned developer partners, with a fitting and functional Coral Homes design. To ensure we can provide you with a place to call home for years to come, we’ve carefully considered development locations that are close to schools, public transport, entertainment centres and much more!

Take the guess work out of searching for land yourself and rest easy knowing your House & Land Package is full value. The best perk? You’ll have reassurance that our experts have perfectly paired your home design with your lot size.

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How does a house and land package work?

A house and land package is typically put together by both a builder (like Coral Homes) and a developer. Coral has strong relationships with some of Australia’s largest and most trusted developers, meaning our House & Land Packages offer incredible value in sought after locations across Queensland and New South Wales. Many of our packages also come with a fixed price package, meaning you can rest easy knowing your home’s price is secured.

The beauty in choosing a house and land package vs purchasing an existing home, is that you get to choose the design theme of your home and tailor it to your taste. At Coral, we have a team of talented Interior Designers that assist you with selecting all of the colours, fixtures, fittings and more for your home, exactly how you like it.

How do you finance a house and land package?

House and land packages are typically financed by a mortgage loan and a construction loan.. First Home Owner’s Grants can also contribute to your loan, if you meet the government’s eligibility criteria. We recommend speaking with one of our New Home Consultants and your Financial Institution regarding your personal financial situation.

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Request a custom house and land package

Thanks to our strong and long-lasting partnerships with key developers, we’ll always give you access to unbeatable deals in up-and-coming locations. If you have a specific requirement in mind, get in touch with our knowledgeable house and land team to discuss how we can customise a package, just for you.

Please note, this advice is general and does not consider your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether the advice is suitable for you and your personal circumstances.

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