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Spring Fling: New-season styling tips

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The weather is noticeably warmer, and flowers are starting to bloom, which can mean only one thing - spring has sprung!

To welcome this delightful new season, why not refresh your home with a spring makeover? We’ve compiled our top five tips to take your abode from cosy winter wonderland to vibrant, spring haven!

1. De-clutter & decompress 

First and foremost, de-cluttering your home, in manner of a good old-fashioned spring clean is a great place to start.

Strip back surfaces that may have accumulated excess bits n pieces over the cooler months. Pack away heavy jackets that may be hanging on coat racks, bulky blankets folded on the sofa, and replace indoor kids’ toys in favour of ones to be enjoyed outdoors, for example. The “less is more” approach is definitely key come spring. De-cluttering also makes way for fresh, creative thoughts. Clear home, clear mind.

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2. Fresh paint

One of the reasons most people opt to paint their homes before putting them on the market is to give new life and refresh a space in the most cost-effective way. Bang for buck! The same applies to those staying put in their homes but still wanting a new lease on life, so to speak. A fresh coat of paint, whether it’s a neutral or off-white will give that “brand new” feeling to a home. Even choosing to paint one feature wall in an on-trend pastel shade will help lift the spirits of you and your home.

3. Accessorize with colour

While winter is synonymous with rich, dark colours, on the flipside, spring is all about creating a light, airy and breezy vibe. And the best way to do this without going out and purchasing entirely new furniture and décor for your home is through accessories! And colourful accessories at that. From throws to cushions and bath towels to floor rugs, accessorize with pops of colour in your soft furnishings for an instant spring update. If the budget allows it, new curtains in pretty patterned designs will instantly lift a space too. Consider adding more seasonally appropriate artefacts such as beachy brass objects or photo frames in colourful accents. Where winter coats and scarves once hung on a rack in the entryway, replace with a wide-brimmed sun hat and patterned beach bag. An injection of colour is a great way to farewell winter and embrace the warmer season!

4. Leafy outlook

A touch of greenery in a home will quite literally breathe new life into a space. It’s known as Biophilic Interior Design, which means to incorporate nature into our indoor environment. It comes from the word Biophilia – meaning Love of Nature. Biophilic Design focuses on creating a calming space with a visual connection with nature while improving wellbeing, health and productivity.

The O2 plants emit help filter the air, while the green aesthetic brings an element of nature to a home. Of course, where it isn’t always possible to keep real plants indoors, faux plants will work just as well to enliven your interior for spring.

5. On the nose

It doesn’t all have to be visual. Swap out rich-smelling candles for lighter, more floral scents to quite literally add spring to the air. Diffuser sticks are another way to update the vibe of your home. There’s nothing like setting foot into a sweet-smelling home to create a welcoming and inviting space. Fresh bouquets of gardenias, roses and lilies, for example, will help evoke a clean slate to ring in the season. 

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For more spring styling inspiration, visit our Coral Homes Pinterest Page.

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