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Did you know that Coral Homes is celebrating its 30th birthday this year? And we couldn’t be prouder of both where we’ve come from and where we’re headed in the future.

A business 30 years old is nothing to sneeze at. Being around for 30 years means we are a reputable business that has stood the test of time – through both up and downturns. This gives our customers a sense of confidence and security knowing that they are building their new home with a trusted brand and established business.

30 Years4
Founder Paul Sweeney

Established 1990, Coral Homes was founded by Paul Sweeney – a humble carpenter who at the time simply wanted to make a positive difference in the industry he loved. The principles established by Paul 30 years ago, still guide the business today and Paul remains part of Coral Homes as a shareholder and board member.

“At Coral Homes our endeavour is to help more families achieve their dream of building and owning a new home. Ever since we started in 1990, Coral Homes has been refining and developing the way we build new homes, while consistently delivering on our core promise of value for money, quality and outstanding customer service. It is the maintaining of this simple promise to each and every one of our customers, combined with our ability to consistently deliver on this promise, which has contributed greatly to our success to date and will serve to help us grow and prosper into the future.” – Paul Sweeney, Founder.

As the carpenter who built the first houses at Coral Homes, Paul was uniquely positioned to gain first-hand knowledge of what was important to customers. Transparency was recognised as a key part of building trust and providing customers with peace of mind.

Paul first introduced fixed price site costs (including rock excavation) for our customers in the 1990’s, when fixed price site costs were unheard of. Paul’s drive for transparency, paired with his exceptional ability to review and estimate costs, allowed us to be trailblazers at the time. This was a bold move and undoubtedly a gamechanger for the industry. Coral Homes quickly became known as the market leader in fixed priced site costs. Best of all it was honest, transparent and provided comfort to the customer. It is this foundation of trust and strong principles that has underpinned our success and that continue to guide us.

Our tagline ‘Built on Trust’ has been registered since 1990 and is still an authentic representation of how we operate today. In 2020, we are still dedicated to building trust (pun intended) with customers. Several of Coral Homes’ key differences today still revolve around transparency, including having an open price policy, fixed price guarantees and providing detailed estimates upfront without requiring a deposit.

So, what does the future hold for Coral Homes? Well unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball, however we do know we will continue to be transparent, honest and worthy of our customers’ trust. Being our 30th birthday, we also thought it relevant to re-evaluate our company vision, which has now been refreshed to be “Creating Lifestyles To Be Proud Of”.

30 Years9

To deliver on this new vision, Coral Homes will focus on evolving our range of innovative floor plans and facades to meeting changing lifestyles and trends. Over the last decade, we have also established a reputation for offering unbeatable value – a critical part of what the Coral Homes brand represents today and will continue to provide for customers.

Well there you have it. Now you know the thirty-year-old us a little better. If you are looking to build a new home reach out and let us get to know you a little better too.

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