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How to choose your home design


A checklist to help you get it right

Once you make the decision to build things start to get exciting. First you’ll need to find the perfect place to set up shop. The next step is to find the perfect home design to suit your land and your needs. There’s a lot to take into consideration with this, so we’ve put together some points below to help you with your decision making.

Single Or Double

Single or Double Storey

Decide if you want a single or double storey home – we’ve got some handy information available on the benefits of both to help you with this decision

Choosing A Home

Outdoor Entertaining Space

Decide how much outdoor entertaining space you want – have a think about whether you want a stretch of lawn for the kids and fur babies to play, a pool or even a private courtyard retreat

Spare Room

Spare Room

Decide if you want a spare bedroom for guests as well as a study – these are additional rooms for some but can be a necessity for others. If you work from home or have family coming to stay regularly, a guest bedroom and/or a study might be right for you

Choosing A Home2

Master Bedroom

Decide if you want your master bedroom at the front of the home or at the rear – typically parents tend to section off their master suite to the opposite end of the house from the minor bedrooms. But if you have a newborn, having the nursery close by might work better for you. We have an array of plans that satisfy both options

Wir Storage

Walk in Robes

Decide if you want walk in robes for all the bedrooms or just the master – storage space is important when selecting your home design. Think about the items you own now and whether you anticipate that to increase

Choosing A Home3

Butlers Pantry or Walk in Pantry

Decide if you want a butler’s pantry or a walk-in pantry – if you’re an avid entertainer or have a large family, a butler’s pantry could make preparing food a whole lot easier. Consider if this is something that your dream home should include



Decide where you want the placement of your laundry – this is a seemingly easy decision to make, until you factor in noise. If you find you do washing at night, the laundry next to the minor bedrooms may not be the perfect place in your new family

Choosing A Home4

Media or Lounge

Decide if you want a media room and/or a second lounge room – Depending on the size of your family, a second or third living space may be exactly what you need so that everyone has their own space to relax and unwind

Choosing A Home5

Think about everything you hate in your current living environment and ensure the plan you select doesn’t have any of these features. Likewise, think about everything you want out of a home that you are currently going without, and ensure your new home design includes these features. Once you have determined what you want based on the above list, prioritise everything so you know what is nonnegotiable. Take this list to your Coral Homes New Home Sales Consultant to discuss what plans best suit your living needs.

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