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Monash 32 (aura) Vista Facade

How important is street appeal at your place? From Hamptons to Mid-Century to Modern, we put Coral Homes’ facades in focus

Congratulations on taking the first step to build your own home with us. We’re excited to share your build journey with you.

While first impressions may not always count, we believe when it comes to deciding on the desired street appeal of your home, they do!

It’s a personal choice whether you opt for a flat, Modern roofline, a pitched-roof Hamptons aesthetic or a combination of the two, inspired by Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern architecture.

If you haven’t yet weighed up how you’d like to greet your neighbourhood, let’s run through the stunning façade options Coral Homes has on offer.

If you haven’t yet weighed up how you’d like to greet your neighbourhood, let’s run through the stunning façade options Coral Homes has on offer.

1. Modern Facades
2. Mid-Century Modern facades
3. Modern Coastal Facades
4. Hamptons Facades
5. Contemporary Facades

Web 2800x1575px Sacramento 36 (modern & Hamptons)

1. Modern Facades

The Modern Facade is all about clean lines, protruding square elements, flat rooflines, stacked boxes and a mix of materials, all working in harmony. It provides an unmistakable contemporary vibe.

In Coral Homes’ Modern Facades, there’s a minimum of two distinct cubic forms arranged so they’re offset left to right or front to back to create interest.

Parapet walls hide the roof line and make it appear flat, removing the roof material from the aesthetic and concealing guttering.

If this type of Modern aesthetic takes your fancy, choose from the following facades:

  • Modern Facade
  • Urban Facade
  • Aspen Facade
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2. Mid-Century Modern Facades

The Mid-Century Modern Facade has a distinct Palm Springs vibe, taking inspiration from homes originally designed in the 1950s in the US Southern Californian Resort City.

They feature a limited material palette, intersecting planes to highlight material shifts; and distinct porches at the entry of the homes.

Choose from the following Coral Homes’ Mid-Century Modern facades:

  • Skillion Facade
  • Crestview Facade
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3. Modern Coastal Facades

Coral Homes’ Modern Coastal Facades reflect Australia’s beach-shack history and combine crisp white weatherboards with contemporary clean lines. These types of facades are finished in textural cladding and a simple colour scheme.

If this laidback look appeals to you, choose from the following Modern Coastal Facades:

  • Coastal Facade
  • Newport Facade
  • Shoreline Facade
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4. Hamptons Facade

The quintessential Hamptons Facade is a classic look loved by many. Taking inspiration from the US seaside town in New York, this aesthetic features a gable roofline, round port-like nautical windows and horizontal timber-look cladding. The entryways showcase a Hamptons-style pergola with white balustrades and railings. The colour scheme is typically white and grey.

Choose from the following Hamptons-inspired facades at your place:

• Hamptons Facade
• East Hamptons Facade
• Southampton Facade

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5. Contemporary Facades

Whether you opt for a single-, double-storey or acreage-home, there are plenty of Contemporary Facades to choose from. They all feature gable rooflines and a mix of finishes. This collection of facades with their modern-day vibe is unlikely to date in years to come.

If this aesthetic is for you, choose from the following Contemporary facades:

  • Designer Facade
  • Brighton Facade
  • Elliott Portico Facade
  • Emerald Facade
  • Hastings Facade
  • Mornington Facade
  • Piermont Facade
  • St Kilda Facade
  • Torquay Facade
  • Vantage Facade
  • Vaucluse Facade
  • Ventura Facade
  • Vista Facade 

From facade to floorplan, click here to find out more about building your dream home with us!

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