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There’s so much to consider when it comes to your home selections. From kitchen handles to pendant lighting – the list is never ending. The most visible selection you’ll make is your flooring choice(s). Spanning across the entire home, this selection will likely have the biggest impact on your design, so it’s important to get it right! That’s why we’ve gathered some flooring information for you and taken the guess work out of this selection.

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Timber Floorboards

To maintain timber floorboards, again all you will need to do is a regular vacuum and mop. This trendy floor option offers a timeless look and is a style that won’t date. Although over time they will wear with minor scratches and marks – but this tends to add to the overall charm of timber floorboards. To add an extra design element to your timber floorboards, you can opt to have them laid in a herringbone arrangement. Timber floorboards will add texture to your own and are an excellent choice for a Hamptons inspired design. Your home temperature will remain neutral with timber floorboards. They don’t not store heat or become cold in cooler climates.

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Vinyl Timber Look Floorboards

Like tiles, vinyl floorboards are easy to maintain. A regular vacuum and/or mop is all you need. However, you’ll need to take care with your vacuum and avoid scratching the surface, which tends to show scratches more than tiles. Vinyl flooring looks modern, urban and becomes a textural feature to the home on its own – meaning less styling is required. Vinyl floorboards will keep the home relatively cool in the summer and relatively warm in the winter, creating positive impacts on your energy consumption. See the Lisbon 32 on display at Harmony for an example of vinyl floorboards.

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Tiles are extremely easy to maintain. All you need is a regular vacuum and/or mop to avoid a build up of debris. If you don’t take regular care of your tiles, you’ll likely experience a build-up of dirt in your grout, which requires a deeper clean. Tiles give a contemporary look, but if you select a lighter style, your home may end up looking slightly clinical. If you plan to go for a lighter tile, try to work through some textures and layers into your home to elevate the look. Alternatively, you could opt for a darker colour that helps hide the dirt. Another great tile choice is a timber look tile. You’ll get all the benefits of tile flooring while getting the look of floorboards. Selecting tiles will mean your home is kept cool in the summer, which can reduce your energy bill. On the flip side, the tiles will stay cool in the winter, which may mean you’ll require extra heating – therefore increasing your energy bill. Take a look at the Santorini 27 on display at Everleigh for an example of floor tiles.

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Unfortunately, carpet can be slightly more difficult to maintain than tiles or vinyl floorboards. Carpet tends to stain easily and also requires frequent vacuuming. Debris becomes visible quickly on carpet flooring. However, carpet is comfy, inviting, and welcoming – the perfect option for sleeping zones and cosy spaces like the media room. For this reason, you’ll notice in all our display homes we use carpet in these rooms. See our Noosa 23 MKII on display at Yarrabilba for reference. Carpet will keep your home warm in winter but will also keep the areas they are laid warm in summer. Which may result in increased energy consumption throughout the warmer months.

If you’re still unsure about your flooring choice, pop into one of our showrooms on Saturdays (check opening days/times here) for more help.

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