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Before you buy your land, it’s a good idea to have a think about how much space you will need. A single storey home might seem manageable at first, however if this is a home you plan to grow into, a double storey house may be the better option. Which way you go will likely impact the land you purchase.

Why might a double storey home make more sense? Firstly, you won’t have to upgrade or add an extension later on. You can simply grow into the space. Given you have the room, you’ll also have the option of inviting your parents or extended family to live with you in the home later down the track. Or if your family live far away, they’ll have their own space when they come to visit.

The MonashBaltimoreRochester and Boston are all double storey home designs that offer four living rooms. This means you can easily modify the design to convert one of the downstairs living spaces into a second master bedroom with ensuite. All of these homes also come with either a butler’s pantry or a considerably spacious walk in pantry. If you have (or plan to have) a larger family with many mouths to feed, adequate storage and food preparation space is essential. With an extra powder room downstairs (bringing the total bathrooms in these homes to 2.5), you’ll have substantial facilities to accommodate seven or more people living in the home.

2006 Google Business 1080x608px Rochester 33 (newport) Dining Kitchen

If you don’t have a large family, but are considering a multigenerational household, there’s loads of benefits. These include;

  • Sharing economic responsibilities
  • Sharing childcare support
  • Sharing adult care
  • Sharing culture and companionship

If you haven’t previously considered a multigenerational household, then take a look at our larger home designs to see if one of our plans could be suitable for your family. Or if you simply have a large family and want to know more, contact us today.

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