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Form follows function


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In design, the notion of ‘form follows function’ refers to the appearance of something relating to its intended function – without added design elements. Essentially, the design is kept simple, streamlined, and has no bells and whistles added purely for aesthetics. The concept has been adapted over time from architecture, to product design and even to web design! Arguably its most relevant genre is within interior design. We outlined below some common home faux pas that disregard the ideology of form follows function.

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Dining table chairs should not fight the table’s centrepiece for your attention. Unlike an occasional chair, these chairs are purely there to serve a purpose – that purpose is to provide seating at mealtime. They should offer a simple look and not be too decorative. A dining room chair is a great place to start on your form follows function journey throughout the home.

Free standing bath

Unless you feel there is some real benefits to having a built-in bath (like being able to rest your kids bath toys of the edges of the bathtub) why not opt for a free standing one? They have a classic look and are uncomplicated by design features. A paired back design that makes a statement, a free-standing bath will be the hero in your bathroom.

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Hollywood light mirrors

This one is specifically for the ladies. Sure, lighting is important when applying makeup, but do you really need twenty of them? Keep your lighting powerful yet minimal at your powder station and save time on cleaning. A clean look won’t date, and you can still keep the area feeling feminine with a scented candle or some dry flowers.

Make your garden a veggie patch

 At some point you will need to start thinking about landscaping. When the time comes, consider how you could make your garden functional. A veggie patch, fruit garden or herb garden could save you some dollars on the weekly grocery bill and create yet another functional space in your home that is not overtly complicated by design features.

When designing your home, it pays to keep coming back to the fundamental principle of form follows function. Contact us today for more information on any of our home designs.

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