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Meet Steph and Corey

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A young, wholesome couple with serious style

We can probably all agree that it’s a crazy time right now and finding little pockets of opportunity to escape can do us all the world of good. Enter Steph and Corey – an aspirational young couple building with Coral Homes. We caught up with the cheerful duo earlier this week to learn all about their build journey. Little did we know they’d give us exactly the distraction we needed. Here’s their story.

Steph and Corey are mid-way through their build journey, they’ve chosen their land, secured their finance, finalised their contract and completed all their home selections. It’s time to build their home and it’s obvious the couple are beaming with excitement. “Steph cannot wait to be in our home! She’s started a new job and it’s just a short drive from our block of land. We also recently met our Site Supervisor and he seems amazing, so we can’t wait to get started on the build” Corey explained.

The outdoorsy couple have chosen to build in Hayfield Ripley, an area that perfectly complements their passion for hiking and landscape photography. Being surrounded by nature and having a generous yard size was a real deal breaker for the pair. “We wanted to ‘future-proof’ our home and ensure we had enough yard space for when we have kids. Plus, we have a husky and she needs plenty of room to play” Steph said.

Another absolute must for the couple was ample space for entertaining. With two big families, it was essential they could host backyard BBQs with lots of guests. Steph also couldn’t forgo a Hollywood style walk-in wardrobe (as seen in the Lisbon 31) as well as a deep and luxurious feeling bath – we hear ya sister! While it was important for Corey to have a media room (did somebody say man cave?). The couple landed on the Milan 29 design and explained working out their modifications was like playing a game of Tetris. “We cut out all the little shapes of our bath, shower, toilet and sink, and fiddled around moving them in the space” Corey said. This is a great tip for those playing a long at home.

Corey Steph Blog 6
Corey Steph Blog 1

“Value for money was a deciding factor in choosing to go with Coral Homes, then the final push for us was meeting (our now) New Home Sales Consultant Jason. We spoke to several other builders prior to meeting Jason and they hadn’t given us the time of day. Jason was open and honest from the get-go, and actually encouraged us to get a couple of competitors quotes. We met him a year before we were ready to build, and he was as invested in us back then as he was when we were ready to commit” Steph explained.

“Working with Jason and designing the home was the best part of the process for us so far. We were looking at our home design from a more future-proofing aspect. For example, one day we want kids, and Jason would make really excellent points like ‘kid’s hands can get jammed in bi-fold doors.’ He gave really excellent advice for things we hadn’t ever considered.” It became very clear that their New Home Sales Consultant Jason had made them feel well supported and instilled a deep level of trust, and they didn’t waste any time putting that to the test. “When we were looking at different blocks, he would draw up what the house would look like for us and it gave us the clarity to visualise whether it would work or not. He gave us so much time and attention, and if it wasn’t for that nurturing early on, we wouldn’t have been able to understand Coral’s flexibility and home designs so well” Corey added.

The couple visited several Coral Display Homes, even embarking on a road trip to Hervey Bay. “Every time we walked through a new Display home, we’d see something new and want to add it on” Steph explained.

The interior design enthusiast continued describing their new home style as modern. Explaining that the colours and features they’ve selected aren’t what you’d typically find in restaurant or café culture, but most definitely an upcoming trend – given their inspo has come from a Caesarstone® Instagram Post. Their vision is inspiring and one we truly can’t wait to see come to life.

Corey Steph Blog Update2
Corey Steph Blog Update

The financially savvy couple have also called on resources they have within their social circle and were able to cut costs on the home build – knowing they could have the support from their friends and family with electrical, concreting and landscaping jobs to be completed after their home is handed over. This is an excellent approach to get the most bang for your buck when working with a home builder.

We can’t wait to see the home once it’s finished and all the DIY projects are completed. We’ll be sure to check back in on Steph and Corey in a couple of months… Watch this space!

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