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The Bullock’s have rebuilt their dream home!

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Meet Mick and learn about his story

People all over Australia are choosing to do a knock down rebuild to increase their property’s value. Among the benefits of gutting a home and rebuilding it entirely is the ability to keep your current location. Expensive, time-consuming renovations and extensions are becoming less of a consideration with how problematic older homes can be. Knock down rebuilds have also proven to be a more cost-effective approach in many cases.

A knock down rebuild means homeowners have the freedom to reclaim space and modernise their home. Building up instead of out will also create new views for the home, more storage and possibly more yard space. “We decided to do a knock down rebuild because we live in a great location that’s close to family and friends, but our previous home was too small and too difficult to renovate. We decided to build with Coral (Homes) because we fell in love with their Hamptons façade and the floor plan of the Grange 29

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Before & After of Mick's Home

We now have plenty of space and love or new home” said Mick Bullock from Umina Beach. A popular option for residents of Umina Beach, Mick explained that there’s three other knock down rebuilds in progress on his street, and five more in construction within his suburb.

When it comes to selling a home, marketing it as ‘a brand-new house’ is also said to be an easier sell than an older home with recent renovations or an extension, Angie from Keys Realty explains. “By building a new home, you can take advantage of advanced modern architectural designs particularly around energy efficiency, natural light and ventilation. Simple things such as the orientation of the building and its most lived in rooms being located where the family can make better use of them.” Angie said.

By knocking down and rebuilding, homeowners can also avoid moving the entire family to a new suburb – which can sometimes mean changing the kid’s schools. As well as this, there’s the avoidance of stamp duty, the ability to change the orientation of a home, and the option to make it more sustainable.

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