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The Road to Demolition: 8 Things to Consider Before You Knock Down & Rebuild

8 Things to Consider Before You Knock Down & Rebuild

Farewelling a neighbourhood you love because you’ve outgrown a home can be tough but there is another way!

Consider a Knock Down & Rebuild project. This gives you the flexibility of staying in the location you love and building a brand-new residence from the ground up to perfectly suit yours and your family’s needs. This option is usually far more cost-effective than renovating an older home, plus, you can keep the kids in their current schools, carry on with all the local amenities you love; and maintain your friendship networks!

While a Knock Down & Rebuild definitely has its perks, we understand a project of this scale may seem overwhelming and without the right information it’s hard to know where to start.

Coral Homes has done the research for you, so you know what to consider before picking up that sledge hammer: –

Top 8 Knock Down & Rebuild Tips

1. Consult Council

One of the first ports of call before embarking on a Knock Down & Rebuild journey is to contact your local council. Council will help determine whether you need to take any planning regulations into account. They will prompt you to find out about the following –

  • Bushfire – is your block clear of any bushfire zones?
  • Acoustic requirements – is your block found within certain noise corridors?
  • Character requirements – are there any specific character appearances you need to comply with?
  • Heritage – does your home have any heritage requirements?
  • Vegetation overlay – are there any overlays of vegetation affecting your property? An arborist or contractor will inform you about any structures, such as trees and vegetations, that need to be removed before the demolition phase can begin. Should a permit be required, you will need to apply for one from your local council before you’re able to remove any trees on the site.
Industrial Excavator Working Demolition Of House Old Residential Building

2. Demolition Quotes

Carry out your due diligence and contact a few different demolition companies in your area for quotes. Most demolition companies will offer different services such as mechanical demolition, deconstruction or demolition by hand, and a combination of demolition and deconstruction. Some companies will also offer asbestos removal for older homes that require this service. Before Coral Homes or any builder can build on the block, you must obtain an Asbestos Clearance Certificate due to WHS requirements.

3. Street Access 

Consider if you’re located near a school or busy road. This will have an impact on traffic management costs. Will there be enough site access for tradespeople to park and perform their work too? All valid points to consider for your potential Knock Down & Rebuild go as smoothly as possible.

200605 Knock Down Rebuild 800x450px

4. Drainage Dilemma

You’ll need to find out whether your block is located in a flood zone? To obtain a flood report on blocks in Queensland, for example, visit –

Should your home be found within a flood zone, you may wish to contact your local council to determine what is required to build on your block. You will also require a Hydraulic Report for this block to determine the draining modifications required.

5. Abolishment of Services

Depending on which state you’re in, you’ll need to contact the appropriate utilities service provider in your region. For example, those in the Sunshine State, will need to contact Queensland Urban Utilities to obtain a full report on your block’s services including power, water, sewerage and NBN, to be disconnected.

6. Pool Protocol

If you’d like to keep your existing swimming pool, you’ll need to provide information about dimensions, locations, and site plans to your builder.

Web 1000x562px Baltimore 38 Details 16

7. Love Thy Neighbour

Maintain good relationships with your neighbours as they’ll be living with a lot of noise and disruption over the upcoming months if you go ahead with a Knock Down & Rebuild. And you never know when you may need to borrow a cup of sugar!

8. Secure a Rental

Before demolition begins, you’ll need to secure alternate accommodation with family and friends or find a rental property to move into for the duration of the project.

If you’re considering a Knock Down & Rebuild project, Coral Homes has a curated collection of homes that will suit your needs. The Knock Down Collection is made up of single and double storey homes including the Baltimore, Rochester, Boston and brand-new Sacramento 36.

The stunning Sacramento 36 Open Home is located only moments from Brisbane’s CBD at Carina. Designed specifically for the Knock Down & Rebuild (KDRB) market, the compact double-storey home with new Modern façade, is perfect for families wanting to maximise their living space on narrow, inner-city 10m+ lots.

Contact New Home & KDRB Specialist, Shawn Zhong on 0408 393 359 or [email protected] for more info, today!

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