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Why do Aussie’s love Hamptons homes?


It’s the home design style (still) taking Australia by storm

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There’s every reason to love a Hamptons home

With signature features like shaker cabinetry and external cladding, to the calming colour palette and open plan layout – this trendy style has it all. But what is it specifically that continues to draw Aussie’s to Hamptons homes? We take a deep dive and look at the three main factors that create an excellent marriage between our culture and the Hamptons.

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Natural materials

Natural materials are used frequently in casual forms of Hamptons styling and easily correlate to our country’s heritage. Our longstanding connection to the land and coastline lends itself to styling with décor and ornaments that reference the natural environment. Aside from the innate link we have to natural materials, this element used in Hamptons styling is also very easy for Aussies to source from local artisans.
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Light and bright homes

Light and bright homes are currently trending in Australia and are also a key element to Hamptons style homes. White or light-coloured walls, lounges, double French doors and flowers all combine to create a neutral but bright symphony in a Hamptons living space. This light and bright trend has been with us for at least a decade and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The perfect compliment to your bright Hamptons home is a series of marble materials to add natural texture to the light hues used. Take a look at our Lisbon 31 on display at North Harbour for the perfect Hamptons colour palette.


Layout is arguably the most prominent feature that draws Aussies to Hamptons style homes. The open-plan layout creates a relaxed and communal approach to sharing living space, which is something that resonates greatly with the Australian lifestyle. Particularly in hot climates, Australian’s value free flowing air in the home and place emphasis on indoor-outdoor integration, which is also significant in Hamptons houses.

There you have it! The three main reasons why Aussies love Hamptons homes. We have a wide range of affordable Hamptons homes, so contact us today to find out more. 

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