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Choosing the right colours for your new home


Where to start

Curating your home is creative and fun! There’s window shopping, not to mention researching online looking for inspo or to find exactly the right piece. To help you on your home styling journey, we’ve put together some handy tips on choosing the right colour scheme for your new home.

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Checkout our display home network

We have over 45 display homes within our display network. Browsing through our range is a great way to familiarise yourself with our designs, as well as the latest styling trends. Take note of what styles capture your attention the most. We have a wide range of Hamptons Elegance, Coastal Modern, Global Traveller, Vibrant Graphic and Decadent Sanctuary homes. Once you’ve established the style you are most drawn to, start to think about the colours typically featured in that genre. Your colours can be different, particularly those represented in your furniture, but tonally they should match. Remember, colour is a great way to inject some personality. However, if you aren’t feeling bold, you can always introduce a pop here and there through your soft furnishings.

Consider the zoning

Depending on the area of your home, more colour may be appropriate. For example, the colour selection in your kids zone might be a bit more playful than the calming colours you choose for the parents retreat. A deep, warm colour could also be a great choice for your media room – creating a cosy feeling in the winter and a cooler feeling in the summer. The size of the room should also have some influence in the colour selection. If it’s a small space, less is best. If it’s a larger space, more colour will be less abrasive.

Paint Colour
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Take note of the outdoors

Aim for a seamless transition between the inside and outdoors. Try to reflect the colours in your al fresco area to those on the inside of your home, so the outdoors feels like an extension to your living area.

Personalise & fine tune

Once you’ve got your colour scheme sorted, start thinking about ways you can personalise your home with colour so it really feels like yours. If you have a handmade burgundy throw that matches your peach wall in the lounge room, perhaps it belongs on display instead of in the linen closet.

If you want more info on trending colours, checkout our recent blog with Dulux on their 2020 Colour Forecast.

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