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How to style your master bedroom

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If your master bedroom is feeling a little drab, fear not! We are here to help you convert your place of sleep into a beautiful oasis you’ll never want to leave. Follow our guide to all the latest tips and tricks for master bedroom styling;

Bedroom Style5

Styling your bed

If you haven’t already, invest in some quality bedding. Linen sheets and quilt covers are on trend at the moment and have loads of benefits. They are temperature regulating, anti-static, anti-bacterial and act as natural insulator. Once you’ve made your bed, style it with throws. Layering two (one on top of the other) will create a collected look. Match your dress pillows to the same colour palette you’ve featured in your throws and grow the theme throughout the rest of the room.

Styling your bedside tables

Keep your bedside tables minimal. This is a space you want to feel relaxed and clutter will likely increase stress levels. Opt for styling with scents that will aid your sleep. A lavender candle or scented oils on your bedside table will promote quality sleep. Another great styling tool for your bedside tables is stacking books (three max). They look great and are practical if you like to read before nodding off.

Bedroom Style
Bedroom Style2

Add an occasional chair

Add a chair to the space opposite your bed near a window (if there’s room). This will create a sitting zone for you to use when you are in the bedroom but want to avoid getting into bed. Style your occasional chair with another throw and a small side table to rest your coffee cup.

Styling your cabinetry

If you have drawers or cabinetry in your room, style with art, greenery and pieces you’ll use in that space. For instance, if you have a night time hair routine, keep all your tools in a basket on the shelves. Or perhaps you like to listen to a podcast before bed, so a stylish speaker (like a google home) would live nicely on your shelves. If your shelves are looking a bit bare, add some ornamental features. Keep these to a minimum to avoid clutter – only add if the space is feeling unfinished.

Bedroom Style3
Bedroom Style7

Add some feature lighting

Finish your room with a stunning pendant feature light to elevate the look. One central statement light in the centre of the room will work in a smaller space, or two over the bedside tables will work in larger rooms. Go for a neutral feature light – that way if your colour scheme changes over time, your lighting will still match.

If you need some master bedroom inspo, check out our Baltimore 38 on display at Arise. If you have any questions about designing the perfect master bedroom, contact us today!

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