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It was a slow Saturday morning when we caught up with Bree and Glenn. The adorable couple explained they finished their build with Coral Homes in 2014 and it’s clear living in their dream home for the last six years has had a profound impact on their lives. The couple have worked hard to turn it into their very own oasis and admit it did take some patience. “You don’t have to have it all done when the keys get handed over. We didn’t have a front or backyard for 12 months. We just chipped away at it over time.” Glenn said.

“I’ve definitely had more time to focus on styling recently. The last 18 months were a bit of a whirl wind, just with trying to get enough money for the wedding and honeymoon together. But after all that was over, I really wanted to put some time, energy, and money into getting the bigger items for our home. We upgraded all our furniture and obviously getting the artwork has made a big difference” Bree said.

The progress is evident in the interior moguls Instagram account, which has established a respectable following over time. “A lot of my friends and family can’t believe how things are looking now from the pictures I’ve uploaded. When we got back from our honeymoon, I really got stuck in and changed things up. I wanted the house to be displayed nicely so guests would feel comfortable. This included getting the statement barn door installed, getting new artwork, and styling the bedrooms. A lot of people have been really keen to see what’s coming next, which keeps me inspired to continue expanding our home style. Everyone seems to love the updates of before and afters and the organisation inspo – I get a lot of DM’s about that.” Bree said.

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Bree’s style incorporates a calming palette bursting with organic, coastal vibes. “We’ve gone with colours like beige, white, cream and different brown tones. When we first moved into the home I was going from style to style and I couldn’t find the right aesthetic for us. I think over time I settled more into a bohemian style. I just don’t think that natural look will date” Bree said.

It’s been a labour of love Glenn explained. “It took me about three years to save up the deposit – I just put away a bit a week. I was living at home with Mum and Dad at the time and I was pretty lucky they didn’t make me put anything towards board” Glenn said.

Glenn works away regularly and has little time to spare. But with the support of the customer service teams at Coral Homes, he explained everything felt like a straight through process with lots of assistance when he needed it. “I was basically getting photos from the Coral Homes Facebook account and commenting ‘what colour is this wall?’ Coral Homes would message straight back and that would form part of my Colour Selection. I also visited a Display Home on the Central Coast and saw a bathroom that looked good, so just said recreate that” he added. Glenn’s experience perfectly illustrates how accommodating we can be if clients are willing to hand over the reins. “Because I worked away a lot, the Site Supervisor was really good with communication and letting me access the site when I was home. It made it easy to see where things were up to” Glenn said. “There wasn’t much delay in the build either, it was very straight forward” Bree added.

“I looked at a lot of (pre-existing) houses, display homes and plans, and I kept coming back to Coral because the layouts made more sense with how they accommodated day to day living. With the Daydream 30, the master bedroom is at the back of the house – so you are not going to get street noise” Glenn said. “With this layout I also liked the kids activity room and all the three bedrooms around it zoned off from the rest of the house” Glenn said. It was crucial to the couple that they didn’t outgrow the home and could see themselves living there for years to come.

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“I also really wanted ducted air-conditioning and I got a promotional package that was on offer at the time. I got flooring, high ceilings, a 40mm waterfall benchtop and the aircon. That was something important to me to have done pre-handover.”

The couple strategically built the home so there would be drive through access down the side of the house. They just added a carport and are now turning their attention to the outdoor area, where they have plans for a gas fireplace and an inbuilt outdoor BBQ kitchen area.

“We’ve had Christmas here once or twice already. We can just push the double doors to the outside open and we’ve got enough space for a bigger capacity” Glenn said. “I actually proposed to Bree in the family room on Christmas day with everyone there for that special moment” he added.

The couple also have an investment property, which is an old 60’s apartment that was pre-renovated. “We didn’t want something that we needed to fix up because Glenn works away so much” Bree said. “We did look at building another Coral home in Brisbane, but it was more practical for us to get something smaller and closer to home. It’s maybe something we’ll look at again down the track” Bree said.

What’s next on the cards for this adventurous couple? The travel enthusiasts have bought a camper van and are planning more trips away, this time around Australia.

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