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The benefits to open plan living


Everything you need to know about a multifunctional space

An open plan layout is an absolute must when it comes to modern living. A practical and multifunctional solution to sharing space with your family, an open plan layout has several benefits that we explore below.

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Natural light and airflow

A major benefit to open plan homes is the excellent airflow and light gained by not closing off each communal area. Eliminating walls allows great free flowing space between different zones. The shared light streaming in from one side of the house is able to be leveraged across to the other side of the home. An added bonus with a Coral home is that our designs have an outdoor entertaining area off the open plan living areas. Which enables strong indoor/outdoor integration and enhances the indoor airflow and light gained from the outdoors.

Shared family space

Keeping the communal areas easily accessible encourages a more social lifestyle. Meal preparation can be carried out in the kitchen while the kids complete their homework at the kitchen bench, family dining table or the nearby study nook. Depending on your configuration, you could also flick a movie on while you get dinner ready. The biggest benefit here is not the accidental family time, but the ability to be able to keep an eye on the kids while also being productive.

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Fewer rooms = bigger rooms

Although there may technically be less rooms, the amount of space you’ll gain for your ‘zones’ are going to be much bigger and you’ll end up with a home where no corner is wasted. Maximising on space where possible and creating the illusion your living areas are bigger than they are will add value to your property.

Layout flexibility

With an open plan layout, you have the freedom to rearrange room configurations over time as your lifestyle changes. The home will grow with you and allow for minor modifications, particularly with furniture composition. This may seem like a relatively insignificant benefit at first, but visualise your living situation 10 years from now. It could look very different to what you have planned for right now. Having a home that provides you with the freedom to evolve means there’s endless possibilities.

Our wide range of flexible floor plans include several open plan options. We’ve got something to suit everyone. If you’re interested in learning more about our floor plans, contact us today!

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