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What is a raked ceiling and why is it a must for your new home?

raked ceiling

Raked ceilings are typically found in the open plan living area and follow the shape of the trusses and beams in the home, rather than having a flat ceiling. Think of a cathedral ceiling, that peaks in the middle and elongates the room. Raked ceilings have been around for many years and were originally associated with affluence. Historically a lower ceiling meant less space to heat in cooler months and was therefore an indication of wealth. Although a raked ceiling will still create more space to heat, these days they act more as design feature.

The benefits of raked ceilings

There are several advantages to having a raked ceiling that aren’t often explored. If you’re thinking about a raked ceiling, we explain some of the benefits below;

Web 2800x1575px Noosa 23 Mkii (yarrabilba) Living Kitchen Dining

They make a room feel bigger

By opening up the ceiling, a room will immediately gain additional space and alter the look and feel of your home. The soaring ceilings will create a profound void that reclaims wasted space and encapsulate exquisite depth.

Web 2800x1575px Noosaville 25 (ballina) Living Dining Kitchen

Enjoy more air flow

A nice byproduct of creating more space with a raked ceiling, is the advantage of more air flow within your home. Our raked ceilings are in the open plan areas, where you will also find double door openings to the outdoors. When the abundance of indoor/outdoor integration is paired with a raked ceiling, you’ll enjoy incredible air flow. Checkout our Noosaville on display at Banyan Hill Estate for a great example of this.

Web 2800x1575px Noosaville 25 (arise) Living Kitchen Dining

Get more light with a raked ceiling

A raked ceiling allows your lights more options to bounce off different walls and create a well-lit area for collective activities – like dinner parties.

Web 2800x1575px Noosaville 23 (harmony) Kitchen Living

Increases your resell value

Because of the precision and careful craftsmanship that goes into building a raked ceiling, it is not a common feature. Your home will stand out from the rest on the market should you choose to sell it later.

Web 2800x1575px Lisbon 32 (harmony) Kitchen 3

A raked ceiling is a stunning architectural feature

The clean lines and tailored look of a raked ceiling will add a serious ‘wow’ factor to your home. If you are building your dream home, then this a timeless feature that will elevate your design.

Web 2800x1575px Noosaville 24 (narangba) Living Dining Kitchen

Flexibility in design allows for more creative and unique homes

Raked ceilings can be designed in a range of styles and materials, giving homeowners more flexibility in their home design allowing for more creative and unique homes.

Other things to consider with raked ceilings

If you are still considering raked ceilings for your home, there are a few other things you should keep in mind:

Cost: Raked ceilings can be more expensive to install than traditional flat ceilings due to the additional materials and labor required to construct the angled shape. Make sure to factor in this extra cost into your budget.

Height: Raked ceilings can make a room feel more spacious and open, but they also increase the overall height of the room. This can make it more difficult to heat or cool the space effectively, and may also require taller doors and windows.

Maintenance: Raked ceilings can be more difficult to clean and maintain than flat ceilings, especially if they are made from materials like timber or exposed brick. Make sure you are prepared for the extra effort required to keep your raked ceiling looking its best.

Style: Raked ceilings can be a striking design feature, but they may not suit every style of home. Consider whether a raked ceiling would complement the overall aesthetic of your home and whether it would be a good fit for your personal taste.

Raked ceilings are a must for your new home

All in all, raked ceilings have a range of benefits that far outweigh the cons (for the right home). At Coral Homes, we work closely with our truss manufacturer to develop the ultimate span size to achieve a well-positioned raked ceiling that perfectly complements the open plan living area. 

Ask our New Home Sales Consultant about a raked ceiling today!

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