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Understanding Home Inclusion Levels

Home inclusion levels

Designer vs Elegance Inclusions

Building your dream home is an exciting journey and one that involves making a few key decisions. When working with a home builder like Coral Homes, one of the most important choices you’ll need to make is the home inclusion level for your future home. Built into the base house price, inclusion levels determine the range of materials, fixtures, fittings and features that will be incorporated into your new home.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the differences between two inclusion levels offered by Coral Homes: Designer Inclusions and Elegance Inclusions. You can compare inclusion specifications side by side here or anytime when completing an Instant Quote on your chosen home design!

Designer Home Inclusions: where quality meets affordability

Designer Inclusions, offered by Coral Homes, are designed to strike a balance between quality and affordability. These inclusions provide you with a popular selection of fixtures and finishes that ensure your home has that display home look you love, without straining your budget. Here’s what you can expect from Designer Inclusions:

1. High-quality materials

Designer Inclusions comprise a range of carefully selected materials, including flooring, benchtops, cabinetry and appliances. These quality home inclusions are designed with both modern living and accessible pricing in mind. 

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2. Modern and stylish finishes

When you select Designer Inclusions, you’ll receive contemporary, on-trend finishes for your home. From stylish tapware to custom-designed bathroom vanities, each detail will contribute to a cohesive interior you’ll love for years to come.

3. Efficient design elements

With Designer Inclusions, your home is designed to optimise space and functionality. This includes thoughtful floorplans, insulation, weather seals and energy efficient features that caters to your comfort and convenience.

4. Value for money 

Coral Homes recognises that building your dream home is a big commitment. This is why we pack lots of value into our standard Designer Inclusions, so you don’t have to spend thousands on upgrades later on.

Elegance Home Inclusions: for the high-end home

For those seeking a more refined living experience, Coral Homes offers Elegance Inclusions. This premium package takes your new home to the next level with its focus on luxury and sophistication. Here’s what sets Elegance Inclusions apart:

1. Luxury materials and features

Elegance Inclusions include top-tier materials and features
that exude luxury. From stunning stone benchtops and premium flooring to
high-end appliances, each aspect of your home will have an opulent feel.

2. Exclusive design elements

The Elegance Inclusions package incorporates unique design elements to add a touch of grandeur to your home. From European-designed appliances to custom cabinetry and chic tapware, your home will be a testament to refined taste. 

3. Enhanced space planning

Elegance Inclusions maximises the potential of each and every room. From extra high ceilings to additional pantry shelving and indulgent ensuite bathrooms, your new home will be designed with the utmost attention to detail.

4. Uncompromised Luxury

When you choose Elegance Inclusions, you’re choosing uncompromised luxury. Every corner of your home will showcase the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail, creating a beautiful home you’ll love for years to come.

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Choosing the right home inclusions

When deciding between Designer Inclusions and Elegance Inclusions, it’s essential to consider your budget, lifestyle and personal preferences. Designer Inclusions strike a balance between quality and affordability, making them an excellent choice for homeowners who seek modern amenities and stylish finishes. On the other hand, Elegance Inclusions are tailored for those who desire a truly luxurious living experience, with premium materials, exclusive design elements and exceptional craftsmanship.

Ultimately, both home inclusion levels offer distinct advantages, ensuring that your new home aligns perfectly with your vision. By carefully evaluating your priorities, you can confidently choose the home inclusion level to make your dream Coral home a reality.

Read more about Coral Homes inclusions ranges today! 

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