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How to create a dreamy coastal bathroom

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How to create a dreamy coastal bathroom

With different bathroom trends popping up everywhere in 2019, it’s little wonder that the most popular has been coastal. With so many interpretations of coastal, we’ve decided to delve deeper and help you create your dream coastal bathroom.

There are three main things to consider when creating a coastal bathroom, these include; colour choices, tiles and statement pieces. Each will bring different elements to your beautiful coastal bathroom, and we’re gong to show you how.

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Colour Choices

For a coastal bathroom certain colours will really make you feel like you’re living life on the beach, these include;

  • Whites & greys: if you’re not looking to create statement with colour, it’s safe to go with a bright white or soft grey. They’ll match any other colour you bring in with furnishings, while creating a calm sanctuary.
  • Blue: The most popular colour with coastal bathrooms, blue reminds us of the ocean and a sunny day on the coast. Think deep navy for a statement nautical bathroom, or soft duck-egg blues for a more subdued coastal bathroom.
  • Light pinks/oranges: Transport yourself under the sea with brilliantly soft colours that reflect coral. Don’t let it take over your bathroom and limit yourself to light hues of pink and orange in soft furnishings (towels) and accents, like edging etc.
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Consider the following tips for the tile choices in your coastal bathroom;

  • Marble flooring it will lend an air of sophistication
  • Explore glazed subway tiles and combine it with a waterfall shower head
  • Opt for a larger tile with subtle grey tones that reflect patterns of the ocean
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Statement Pieces

Finish the space with one of the following statement pieces for a balanced coastal look and feel;

  • Add a modern chandelier as a stand-out centrepiece of the bathroom
  • Large mirrors can make any bathroom feel bigger and accentuate the space
  • Make it a retreat, if there’s a view put the bathtub next to it. It’s a serene escape!
  • Filter light without sacrificing privacy by installing a wall, window or roof of Lucite or frosted glass
  • Sea-glass décor and crisp furnishings will evoke white-capped waves Use driftwood as a feature piece to make an impact in your coastal bathroom

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