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Houses vs Units

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What to buy: House vs units

Looking to purchase a home? We appreciate there’s a lot to consider when finding the perfect match for you and your family. At Coral Homes, we encourage you to do your research and choose the right option for you.

In this blog, we’ve broken down the benefits of purchasing or building a house vs purchasing a unit. Read on to explore your options!

1. Houses typically have more land than units

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One of the main benefits of owning a home is that you usually have more land. With this come the perks of more outdoor space and the opportunity for home extensions, installing a pool or a knock down and rebuild project in the future. In comparison to a unit, a house has more promise for constant improvement – so your house can grow with your family and your requirements.

Choose to build with Coral Homes and have a house that’s a home for years to come. Browse our range of home designs and discover the possibilities of building your home. 

2. Larger home designs and floorplans

Typically, houses have larger floorplans, making them more suitable for families and larger households. One of the benefits of a house over a unit, is that you have the ability to build a double storey home on your block of land, making the most of your space and adding to the value of your home. Explore Coral’s double storey home designs today and download an instant quote to discover your options.

Another bonus of houses, in comparison to units, is that neighbours aren’t as close to you, giving your family a little more privacy and freedom to entertain.

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3. Avoid body corporate fees and rules

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A big constraint with owning a unit is body corporate rules and the upkeep fees that come with it. While body corporate may be beneficial in helping with home and garden maintenance, it can be a roadblock in making alterations to your home and mandatory fees may be costly. On the other hand, houses don’t require fees such as body corporate and if you choose to build your home from the ground up, it can be exactly to your personal style and vision.

Find the best value home with Coral

As an award-winning builder, we’ve got the right tools and know how to build your future home. Plus, did you know we have over 150 home designs to choose from? Explore our range of functional and free flowing floorplans today and visit our offers page for unbeatable home value!

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