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What to expect from your initial meeting with your Site Supervisor


There’s loads to go through!

Prior to commencing your new home build you’ll be introduced to your Site Supervisor. There’s a lot to learn at this initial meeting, so we’ve put together a list of the things you can expect – to help you better prepare for it.

First things first, after you’ve had an introduction, your Site Supervisor will run you through the different stages of your home build. You’ll have the opportunitity here to ask any questions around the construction process. Then you’ll be taken through all the safety requirements for site entry. This will impact your visits, so it’s important to pay attention here. Your Site Supervisor will then explain your access to the home and when you’re allowed site visitations. Essentially, you’ll need to be accompanied by your Site Supervisor at every visit, and they will require at least 48 hours’ notice. Your Site Supervisor will also explain their availability/office days so you can start to think about what times suit both parties for visitation. Throughout the build, there may be some rare occasions when your Site Supervisor denies access due to safety requirements – this is usually when scaffolding is in progress.

Your Site Supervisor will advise that they are your new primary point of contact and provide you with all their contact details. They will also explain that they will keep you looped in and provide you with weekly updates on how your home build is going.

Finally, your Site Supervisor will ask to review your plans and documents together with them. You know your job better than anyone, so they’ll want to understand what your expectations are. This aspect of the meeting is extremely important for documentation purposes. Your Site Supervisor will take notes of your expectations to ensure they can deliver your dream home. Preparation for this part of the meeting is key. Your Site Supervisor will also ask if you have any unforeseen issues, to try and troubleshoot them early on.

Your Site Supervisor will be able to answer any general questions you have, but this initial meeting is mostly about understanding your plans and your vision, as well as explaining the communication and site visit criteria throughout the build.

If you have a question about building with Coral Homes, contact us today!

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