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How to organise your walk-in wardrobe


Coordinate your personal items and start feeling more efficient than ever

If you get low key excited about a well organised space, then this is the blog for you! We’ve put together some simple steps to ensure your walk-in wardrobe is well organised and your items are sorted sensibly and easily accessible.


Start with a cleanse

We understand that not everyone has the time or patience to pull each item they own out and deliberate on its value. But to truly organise this space, it’s in your best interest to wipe down what you can and develop a sorting system. Set micro goals and rewards to help you through what can sometimes feel like a daunting task. For example, ‘if I organise bags and shoes within the hour I can have a snack.’


Start from the top

Place all your bags and luggage at the top of your closet. If you’re short on space, place your smaller bags that you don’t use often within the larger ones that are also occasional, and then pile them into your suitcases. If you want to get really fancy, create labels so you remember where you put all your items that are packed away neatly. Note, for safety reasons, don’t place heavy objects up high.


Colour coordinate

Organise your hanging and folded items into groups of colour. Once you’ve got your coloured groups, organise your items again into winter items on the left and summer items on the right. Your wardrobe should start to look like a rainbow, and within that rainbow there should be two distinct categories forming. This system will make it super easy to find your white tee-shirt and your brown jumper.

Invest in a shoe rack

If you’re short on shoe space (ladies, we see you) that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for a cull. Problem solve with some smart storage solutions before you consider downsizing. Ikea have plenty of shoe storage options. If you do feel like it’s time to get ride of a few items, try selling them first on Facebook Marketplace. You might find you’re able to make a profit out of organising your walk-in wardrobe.

Find a fold

We’ve started at the top, made our way down to the bottom, and now it’s time to tackle your drawers. What better way than to start with identifying a fold that’s going to streamline your laundry process. Finding the right fold that suits you will again come down to time and patience. There’s loads of ways to fold your clothes and personal preference will vary. One thing we do insist on is sticking to the colour co-ordination rule, and then subcategorising your items into winter on the left and summer on the right.

Store your hats correctly

We are on the home stretch now! If you are an avid hat collector, we suggest investing in some circle boxes to ensure these items don’t lose their shape. If you’re running out of space, find room for the boxes next to your luggage at the top of your wardrobe. Don’t forget to add a label on the box so you remember what’s been stored in there.

Make your smalls easily accessible

Underwear, socks – even jewellery! These are all your smaller items that you’ll need to get to regularly. Keep them in a spot that’s front and centre.

Match your tools

Our final tip for organising your wardrobe may only be applicable to some. If you are an OCD freak, we recommend matching your coat hangers with your boxes and shoe rack. Take it one step further and choose a colour scheme that lends itself to your home aesthetic.

Follow these simple steps and watch your morning routine transform. Say goodbye to pulling all your wardrobe items out just to find your blue singlet buried at the back of your closet. If you have any questions about the walk-in wardrobes on any of our home designs, contact us today.

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