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Building your dream home in the digital world.

Building a home from scratch completely online may have seemed inconceivable only a few years ago, however for some Australians it’s become the fastest or the only way to achieve homeownership dreams. With technological advancements, and a greater emphasis on people working together remotely, building a home through a computer screen has become a practical option for many.

Lockdowns and travel restrictions shouldn’t force you to press pause on your life goals. To help, we’ve written a series of guides for those looking to build a home remotely. ‘Things to look out for’ kicks off the series to help build your dream home in a virtual environment.

Determine your new-home needs:

Step one is figuring out what kind of home is going to suit your needs! It doesn’t matter if you’re building a home using traditional methods or digital ones, this is a universal part of the building process. Where are you looking to build? What kind of features do you want to include in your home? Have you got a budget in mind?

These are all things you should have a clear idea of before diving headfirst into your home building journey. Research which builders operate in your local area to get an idea of options and speak with a mortgage broker to discuss your financial options. If you haven’t purchased a block of land, consider House & Land options that may be available where you want to build as a convenient option.

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Utilise virtual tours & videos:

With your plan in mind, start looking at the different home designs available. If you’re unable to visit a display home in person, a virtual tour is a great alternative to experience the layout of a house. Virtual Tours have come a long way since they were first introduced, and the High-Definition cameras used to film 3D tours allow you to view every nook and cranny of a display home in exceptional detail. Coral Homes have an entire Virtual Village available for you to explore from the comfort of your couch. Featuring every one of our Display Homes, you can get a great feel for our designs.

Use social media to follow customer journeys:

In addition to the beautiful photos home builders post on their social media channels, why not look at some of the homes customers have built? People love to show the progress of their build journey, and quite often will tag the company they are building with in their updates. Looking at tagged photos is a great way to see a home from the eye of a customer. You’ll get a good idea of what to expect during your home build and discover some interior design inspiration too!

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Book a digital appointment with a New Home Consultant:

Once you’ve started to form a better idea of the kind of home you’re looking to build, along with the finance options you have available, it’s time to speak to a New Home Consultant! Typically, your first introduction with a consultant would be during a visit to a display home, however, when building remotely you’ll have to book a digital appointment online.

Coral Homes’ expert consultants are available via Zoom, FaceTime and Microsoft Teams, to help you find the home of your dreams. To prepare for your appointment we recommend compiling a list of questions  to ask during your initial consultation. Our New Home Consultants want to take the time to get to know you and listen to your new home goals, so they can help bring them to life.

When building a home virtually it’s important to take your time with the decision-making process. Ask your consultant to send through photos of the display home they’re based at, and don’t hesitate to book in a few follow-up appointments as you begin to make decisions on home design and floorplan options.

There’s a lot of stages still to go before receiving the keys to your new home, but this will help you get off to a good start! Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we bring you more advice to help you on your digital home-build journey!

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